Who We Are

Nurticent’s mission is to allow individuals to take control of their health, by monitoring their health status with simple, fast and affordable access to blood tests.

Health and nutrition are directly linked. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the immune response are just some of the facets that nutritional disturbances may contribute to. Traditional as well as functional medicine, rely on blood analysis for diagnosis and therapy progress.

Establishing blood analysis baselines whilst healthy, facilitates recognition of alert values that signify arising problems, allowing for earlier intervention when treatment can be more effective.

NUTRICENT was established by Dr. George Xynopoulos a consultant Cardiologist with a keen interest in prevention and a holistic approach to medicine. With over 25 years of experience in clinical practice and diagnostics, George has organized multiple medical diagnostic centres based on his firm belief that in real life, health monitoring is dependent on serial measurements of blood parameters as opposed to random ones when problems arise. This continuous assessment reflects the reality of life like a complete series of pictures in a movie contrary to the snapshots in a photo album.

No one knows us better than ourselves so we should all have the ability to talk to our physician if we feel something is wrong even though “all is well” on the outside. Easily accessible blood testing is one way of empowering patients and allowing them to make better and informed decisions regarding necessary lifestyle changes.

Why Choose Us

  • Integrated multidisciplinary medical support
  • On-site laboratory testing in North London
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Respected physicians and therapists
  • UKAS approved and ISO certified in-house tests as well as at associated laboratories
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