Sample Joanna Dziedzic

Joanna Dziedzic

Joanna is a qualified Nutritional Therapist with extensive experience in clinical practice, high-end consultancy and training healthcare professionals. She has a passion and interest in natural approaches to supporting complex health issues and improving vitality and wellbeing.

With a focus on personalized nutrition, Joanna ‘s clinical approach involves assessing what may be underlying reasons for people’s health issues and exploring how nutritional needs and lifestyle contribute to a wide-range of chronic health problems. Joanna uses a functional medicine-based approach to optimize function of mind and body and enhance vitality and overall wellbeing. She works with clients to develop a targeted and individualized nutritional plan that fits with consideration of everyone’s unique lifestyle and dietary preferences.

Joanna also trains other healthcare professionals as part of her role for a leading nutritional health science company. Her indepth
knowledge of complex topics and ability to communicate these in easy-to-understand practical messages has made her a well-known personality within the Nutritional Therapy industry. As clinical and business consultant to high-end clients for several years, Joanna has a unique understanding of the requirements for excellent service. This translates into her clinical approach as a very high level of care and an emphasis on creating a completely individualized and bespoke health plan.

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