Foods For Perfect Skin

     The food we eat helps our body stay healthy and if we eat unhealthy or processed foods, our skin will show it. From oily skin to eczema, bad foods will make our skin look and feel unhealthy and leave us feeling unhappy. 

     Is just eating healthy, natural foods enough? The answer to that is no. In fact, there are certain foods that we can eat that will give us cleaner, clearer skin without acne, without dry, itchy spots and without us having to spend hundreds of skin care products.

Here are some of the foods that you should add to your diet for perfect skin:

Green tea- green tea contains antioxidants and the amino acid, L-theanine, which can help you stay healthy and reduce stress. Less stress can lead to the healthier skin without acne and eczema.

Dark chocolate- full of antioxidants, flavanols and fatty acids, eating dark chocolate once a day can give you healthier, glowing skin while repairing skin damaged areas. 

Salmon- not only is salmon good for your brain and other body functions, it can promote healthier skin with its omega-3 fatty acids. These can prevent inflammation, acne and wrinkles.

Seeds - there is a wide range of healthy seeds that are both good for your body and good for your skin. From chia seeds, hemp seeds and sunflower seeds, to pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and more, seeds contain selenium, Vitamin E, magnesium and protein. These components work together to prevent wrinkles, add moisture to your skin and reduce acne.

Red bell peppers- red bell peppers are rich in carotenoids which are helpful in preventing wrinkles and increasing the circulation of blood to your skin. This is what keeps you looking young and healthy.

Coconut Oil-just one spoonful of coconut oil every day provides a healthy dose of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which can help prevent infections, inflammation and acne. You can also use coconut oil as a skin conditioner.

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