How To Substitute The Junk Foods For Healthier Ones

      That is what this article is all about. Finding easy substitutes for the junk food that we eat that not only taste good, but that is healthy as well. We have come up with some healthy junk food substitutes that we think you will like. Let’s take a closer look:

Salty Snacks

Instead of potato crisps, eat kale crisps. Crisps are salty and delicious and they seem to make a good snack, especially since they are made from potatoes. Potatoes are healthy, that is until they are cooked in fatty grease. Then, they lose their nutritional benefits and make us fat. Instead, eat kale crisps which are baked and have all of the nutrients of that dark, leafy green vegetable we overlook when buying produce.

Instead of chips, eat baked veggie chips. Baked veggie chips are a healthy substitute for French fries and offer a lot more flavour. Being roasted, the carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips take on a sweet flavour that is almost addictive. You can still add a healthy dip on the side and eat this with your favourite meal instead of greasy, fatty chips. 

Sweet Snacks

Instead of ice cream, eat frozen yogurt or fruit pops. Ice cream might taste good but it is full of fat and sugar. Instead of eating ice cream, choose frozen yogurt or all-natural fruit pop instead. You still get some sweet, but you also get a healthy dose of protein with the frozen yogurt.

Instead of candy, eat chocolate dipped nuts. While you still get some sugar from the chocolate, if you choose dark chocolate dipped nuts, you can benefit from the natural goodness dark chocolate has for your heart. Nuts are always a good snack substitute and when dipped in chocolate, can eliminate your cravings for candy.  

Fast Food

     There isn’t much you can do to make fast food offerings healthy, but you can make them a little healthier for you by changing them up a bit.

When eating pizza, skip the crust. Pizza is bad for you and too much of it can make you fat. There, I said it. Now, even after reading that, we are all going to eat pizza. Make it healthier for you by only eating the toppings. The pizza crust offers very little in the way of nutrition and when you choose healthy toppings, you can greatly reduce the calories.

Instead of fried chicken wings, eat baked wings. Chicken wings are fried goodness with some spices added. You can get the same flavour with half the fat when you substitute baked chicken wings for fried. In fact, this works with many common fried foods including fried chicken, fried fish and more.

     Eating healthier means changing your diet eating foods that you might not normally eat. To learn more about how you can eat healthier, contact Nutricent today!

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